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Words from Ross Paule - 9 Year MLS Player, Two Time MLS All Star, Two-Time MLS Team MVP, Goal of the

What I think of Sweetshot90

As a player, I was the free-kick specialist for many of my teams. It took repetition after repetition to try and master the art of free-kicks. Before Sweetshot90, we had to picture a target in the goal to practice shooting at. I wish I had the Sweetshot90 to use before practice and after practice when I played. Having to retire early due to post-concussion syndrome, I didn’t get that chance. I know this target practice would have benefited me greatly and made the extra freekick practice that much more fun! It’s great to create competition between players! I use the sweetshot90 at my practices as a coach now and you will see the Sweetshot90 at all of our Complete Player Camps across the USA and South America! Get one for yourself and see the benefit or come out to a Complete Player Camp and experience the fun Sweetshot90 creates!

An Important Tip about Concussions

As many of you know, I retired at age 29 due to post-concussion syndrome. I had many more years to play and but it was cut short. Now I want to insure all players are aware of the damage the head injuries can have and making sure all players are safe from what happened to me. Concussions are serious, no matter how minor it seems at the time. You as the player know when you have been hit in the head and don’t feel right. If this is the case, you as the player need to be honest and step off the field. This is your brain, not a shin, or a foot. If you do not allow your brain to heal from a blow to your head that causes a concussion, your next incorrect form header, your next bump, your next collision can impact your long term health as your brain is more susceptible to damage. I know this first hand as I still have lingering issues and I have been retired from soccer for 10 years. Thank You,Ross PauleFCA Soccer Executive

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