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Customer Reviews

See what Frankie and Nesta Hejduk have to say about Sweetshot90

-Graham . , Manager/Head Coach Spartans, FC, California

"Hi Jeff I would like to thank you for introducing me to the Sweetshots90, both my U17 and U10 girls love to practice their shooting using it. In fact they rush to line up to take shots. What they don’t realize is while having fun they are actually learning. What a great system. Learning without knowing it while having a blast. Thanks again"

-Rafael O. California

"This is a quality target, component design, material and craftsmanship are top notch. My son loves it, his shooting accuracy has improved greatly with this target!"

-Shannon B. , Club Director, Australia


"Hey Jeff, Mate I received them last week. Thanks for the prompt service. They’re a great training aid. The kids really enjoy them. Our shooting drills have become alot more competitive within the team. The boys are having alot of fun with sweetshot 90. Thanks again Jeff. Cheers Shannon"

See what Frederico Higuain has to say about Sweetshot90

"Great product! So easy to move from one corner to the other. My son loves it! My son loves to practice shooting for set pieces. He really likes the Sweetshot90 because it is easy to set in place and easy to move. He plays with it for hours. Thank you for creating such a great product. "


-Donna C. , Soccer mom, Oklahoma

Thanks for reaching out about our new sweetshot90. Our players have had loads of fun with it!

-Gary B. , Head Coach/Director, Irvine Slammers, California

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