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The target is made from a heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl coated polyurethane, which is designed to withstand tearing. The tension points on the target have all been heat sealed and reinforced. The material is designed to withstand the rigors of daily practice and use as well as the extreme elements of rain, mud, sleet, ice and sun. Simply wipe down the target after each use if needed and store in your carry-on bag.

The poles and hooks used in SWEETSHOT90 are made from 5/16 inch fiberglass rods with heavy duty metal connectors. The hooks are made of flexible steel which has been coated with a rubber like plastic coating. The thickness of the hooks is the perfect thickness to allow flexibility without excessive distortion. Over time, if the hooks lose some of their original shape, simply and lightly bend it back into a circular shape. Each SWEETSHOT90 comes complete with four connectable poles and two hooks, which when assembled, form the pole and hook assembly needed for the target to hang correctly on the goal. The unique hook design allows SWEETSHOT90 to hang on all FIFA approved size goals (FIFA regulations allow crossbars up to 5 inches or 12 cm in diameter) and most goals with square or rectangular cross bars that are smaller than 3 inches in width. Additionally, each SWEETSHOT90 comes with two 1/4 inch fiberglass rods to provide horizontal stability and shape.

The Carry- On Bag is a heavy duty nylon bag with a string cord pull top and a long fabric strap for easy carry. The bag is just the right size to carry the target and all parts.


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