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Soccer shooting target

Sweetshot90 is a Professional Grade Soccer Target...


“Hi Mates. This is Duncan Oughton. I am the Co-Inventor of Sweetshot90. I played professional soccer for the Columbus Crew and was also a member of the New Zealand National Team. I have been coaching and training players for many years, and most recently, was an assistant coach for Toronto FC. I know that one of the most difficult shots to defend against in the game of soccer is the shot that places the ball in the upper corner ofthe goal. This type of shot is commonly known as an "upper 90 shot". To perfect this shot, you must practice it. Until now, there has been no economical practice shooting target to help a player workon this coveted shot. Try using Sweetshot90. It works great and is a lot of fun. I use Sweetshot90 with all my players.” 


                                                        Duncan Oughton, MLS Columbus Crew, New Zealand national team Player

Score More Goals

Sweetshot90 is a professional grade soccer practice shooting target that was developed to help players score more goals. Sweetshot90 teaches players to focus their sight on the upper ninety area of a goal to better develop their upper ninety shot. Through practice and repetition, a player using Sweetshot90 will improve their scoring percentage and develop a coveted “upper ninety shot”.


Patented Design

What sets our soccer training shooting target apart from our competitors is our patented design that allows most any age player to use our soccer practice target without the help of an adult or step ladder.  The target is easily assembled and once complete, the player simply holds the bottom poles on the shooting target and reaches up to hang the soccer shooting target over the crossbar of any size FIFA approved soccer goal.  When finished, simply hold the bottom poles and push it back off the crossbar. Its that easy!



Sweetshot90 is made from professional grade materials making it strong and durable and resistant to bad weather. Yet, careful consideration was given to keeping the target light so that it could easily be transported by a young player in its own carryon bag.



On sale now at $109.99, Sweetshot90 is by far the most economical soccer shooting practice target on the market.


See how it works

Charley’s Promotional Video

See how easy it is to set up

Duncan’s Instructional Video


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